Create, learn, iterate (revisited).

Creating digital work, is full of conflict.   It is a race for ideas.  It is an environment where amazing ideas, launched well, can very quickly stick and scale.   But it is also an environment where the imperfect is immediately obvious, highlighted, and can mean we are quickly disillusioned and we give up.    Sometimes it is also very hard to know whichContinue reading “Create, learn, iterate (revisited).”

Step back, stride forwards.

Our days are full of information.  Our workplaces demand decisions.  But time is still time.  Hours are still hours.  Our brains are still the same size.  Our decisions or choices are often made using incomplete information or data, and under time-pressure.  This pressure can sometimes block us.  We need time to organise our thoughts, or to allow ourselves to process unconsciousContinue reading “Step back, stride forwards.”

Every day is a school day.

Most people have the memory of starting school aged 5, excited (..or not!) at the prospect of what learning is to come. That’s the point in time we surrender ourselves as children to the foreseeable future of mandatory learning, very aware our parents are going to ship us off to school every day until weContinue reading “Every day is a school day.”

The Office-less Manager.

Here at MMC, we are beginning to re-open our office space.  Risk assessments have been completed, COVID measures are in place, rotas and schedules have been agreed.  We are looking forward to interaction outside of 2D Teams meetings, Zoom yoga classes, collaborative software. It has made us reflective.  We have been lucky enough to beContinue reading “The Office-less Manager.”

The big red button.

As a design and development agency, one of our favourite moments is the ‘go-live’.  The deployment or release of a piece of digital creative – from a brand-new complex application, to a feature update, to simply making something slightly less blue than it was before. All deployments carry some level of risk. It’s our job onContinue reading “The big red button.”

The routine of creativity.

Traditional routines, are changing.  They are disappearing from our lives, and digital is contributing to this.  Traditional routines have always been our anchor in life.  We set routines for our children, just as they were set for us.  We make sure they go to bed, eat, or have set activities during the week at certain times.  WeContinue reading “The routine of creativity.”

Together… but not quite.

Together: it’s a word that has been used frequently in these crazy last few months. We cannot be together, but we still need to work together in many ways. Our abilities to work together have been tested more than ever before, as the need to do so has become increasingly more important. Not only professionally,Continue reading “Together… but not quite.”