Create, learn, iterate (revisited).

Creating digital work, is full of conflict.  

It is a race for ideas.  It is an environment where amazing ideas, launched well, can very quickly stick and scale.  

But it is also an environment where the imperfect is immediately obvious, highlighted, and can mean we are quickly disillusioned and we give up.   

Sometimes it is also very hard to know which way it will go, which means it makes the moment of release, a moment of risk and anxiety. 

This puts pressure on us to make sure that everything is perfect. A perfect product, a perfect narrative.  A hope that those with a story that matches your own, are the first to see it. 

Because if not, disagreement is a heavy boot on the fragile flower of confidence. 

But what if we accept failure as a part of creativity?  And instead of being the crushing end, we receive it with open arms, and an open mind.  As an opportunity to improve. 

It means we have to get comfortable with zero views.  We have to invite opinion, and invite the views of those who can see what you cannot see.  Let go of our ideas as personal property.  And look beyond ego and pride, to accept the chance to change. 

But also that we have to put into perspective the voice of the frustrated critic.  And know that empty dismissal is the result of a frustrated mind.  That abuse is only projection of an individual’s own unhappiness.  That it is not us, it is them. 

With this perspective, the creative world can be a wonderful place.  It is a place where nothing is ever truly finished.  There is always the chance to refine, swap, emulate, iterate. 

Even the amazing ideas that scaled first time, are constantly re-versioning and iterating. 

It is a world we can travel together.   

We try to take this approach at MMC.  We believe in visibility, and collaboration.  We believe that we together can create something better than we can individually.  Whether that is an email to a client, the solution to a tricky bug, or just our simple interactions with each other. 

That approaching each other with a positive and challenging mindset creates better work.  And along the way we learn from each other, help each other, and strengthen that bond of permission that we create our work together. 

By Ian McClellan, Director

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