The Studio Diaries

Who are we?

Getting to know us, just like any relationship, is a process. It has a beginning, but no end. It is about knowing our products and our philosophies, but also about understanding our people and our team.

Our work is a group effort, and what we do defines our culture and defines us as an agency. Much of this is visible in our interactions and our solutions, but also much happens in our studio, in the physical or virtual groups that many will not see.

It is the fleeting ideas that we discuss. The things we decide not to do. The things we love as individuals, that inspire us. The things we find difficult, that we help each other to overcome.

What we can do, is share some of these, in the hope that it helps you understand the personality of Multi Media Creative. If you know us already, we hope this deepens our connection. If we have not met you before and you enjoy what you are reading, we’d love to hear from you.

Welcome to the Studio Diaries.

The resistance of new.

When was the last time you did something new? New in the way that causes you to stare into space, with a blank mind.  That turns your stomach into a knot, and makes you want to hide. New is a scary thing. It means we have to say ‘yes’ to things that may unsettle us,Continue reading “The resistance of new.”

Create, learn, iterate (revisited).

Creating digital work, is full of conflict.   It is a race for ideas.  It is an environment where amazing ideas, launched well, can very quickly stick and scale.   But it is also an environment where the imperfect is immediately obvious, highlighted, and can mean we are quickly disillusioned and we give up.    Sometimes it is also very hard to know whichContinue reading “Create, learn, iterate (revisited).”

Ends and beginnings.

The end of a day, is quickly followed by the beginning of a new one. No sooner have we broken the finish tape of one month, than we hear the starting pistol of a new one. Everywhere you look, there are ends, and beginnings.  It is a matter of perception which you prefer, if youContinue reading “Ends and beginnings.”

Silly Questions.

If we know the answer to something, it might seem like a silly question.  If we don’t know the answer to something, it might seem like a silly question. But if we learn to see things how others see things, we will realise that there are no silly questions.  The world is a noisy, overwhelmingContinue reading “Silly Questions.”