Ends and beginnings.

The end of a day, is quickly followed by the beginning of a new one.

No sooner have we broken the finish tape of one month, than we hear the starting pistol of a new one.

Everywhere you look, there are ends, and beginnings.  It is a matter of perception which you prefer, if you have to prefer either.  Some of us like to see something finish, and find it hard to move to the next time period, or task.  Some of us love the novelty and energy of a new month or a new task, most of all. 

In technical projects, you also have to get used to ends and beginnings.  The cycle of technical projects, means that discovery is followed by feasibility, and by build.  Builds are followed by testing, and adjustments.  Go live deployments, are followed by maintenance, new features, innovations.  The world of technical projects never stands still.

It means you need to embrace both endings and beginnings.  To keep a level tempo, and help each other to love each end, and each beginning.  Understand our own strengths, and preferences, and know when the energy changes, and who can help.  Know our colleagues, and know when we can help and how we can take the plate, and give it a spin.

We have brought on two new team members at MMC over the past months.  They are getting used to our processes, and our cycles.

It is not easy, because we do not have the benefit of complete togetherness and proximity.  Human contact is different, and momentum is harder to achieve.  But this also gives us the chance to evolve how we do things, because even the process of ends and beginnings has its own ends and beginnings.  Processes can and should be improved, should benefit from practice and learning, and should evolve.

They get to observe how we work, and then add their own ends and beginnings into our team, and our culture.  We feel very thankful for the experience, skill, and personality that have been added.

They are already bringing new ideas, and helping to deliver to deadlines.  The end of week one, becomes the beginning of week two.  An exhalation, and a new inhalation.  The end of a first deployment, is followed by a new brief.

At the other end of the team, those who were once the newest team member, are now amongst the most experienced.  To also see this happening, to see the end of years together become the beginnings of new ones, makes us very thankful.

To ends, and beginnings everywhere.

By Ian McClellan, Director

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