The routine of creativity.

Traditional routines, are changing.  They are disappearing from our lives, and digital is contributing to this. 

Traditional routines have always been our anchor in life.  We set routines for our children, just as they were set for us.  We make sure they go to bed, eat, or have set activities during the week at certain times. 

We expect part of our social or leisure activities to also adhere to some kind of routine.  We expect sports games to take place at certain times.  We expect our book clubs, regular lunches, phone calls, newspapers, live TV shows, all to happen at the time we expect them and at the intervals we expect. 

Yet the freedom of digital is challenging these traditional routines in some areas of our lives.  We don’t always have to wait for our regular TV show, we can just binge until we are satisfied.  We can pause lives games, as long as we also switch off every other device in the house so we don’t get a spoiler.  We don’t need meetings, we can use digital tools to chat and solve problems together.  

At MMC, we love digital and the freedom it can create, but we also love routine.   

The smart and creative application of digital, to create a solution that makes a client more efficient and effective, something that makes their lives easier – is a challenge we are very passionate about. We are very proud when we create a quality digital product, or have a digital idea, that make our client’s lives easier.  That takes care of their routines, and presents them with the gift of time. 

This ability to be creative, is grounded in routine.  Routine in creative businesses and in technical processes, is a secret weapon.  We have scheduled meetings, that happen daily, weekly, monthly, that set a predictable pattern to our days and weeks.  We have technical processes that build quality into our products.  We have digital tools that we hope make us better communicators with each other. 

We also build routine into our creativity. Giving time and space in our daily lives to regularly practice creativity, exercises that muscle and makes us better at it.  We try to improve and learn in all areas of the business, every day.  We have failed, adjusted, failed, and tried again.  We try and find the balance between delivering what we need for the client, and following new ideas and practices.  We try not to be discouraged by the dead ends or wrong turns.  We trust that creativity is a process, that requires routine, persistence, and resilience.     

We are constantly trying to find the balance, that means we have an effective business, but also that our minds are free of clutter, to create. 

by Ian McClellan, Director.

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