Why now?

At MMC we are passionate creators. 

In our day-to-day work, we love to share ideas, and take inspiration from others.  Right now, there are new ideas, and there is positive inspiration everywhere. 

Whether it is a meeting, an exercise class, or entertainment, the lines between physical and digital are becoming increasingly blurred, and the volume of content being created and consumed has increased dramatically.   

It feels like there has been a step-change in why content is being created, during this time when our movements have been restricted, through positive creative solutions from our workplaces, our entertainers, our artists, our service providers. 

It has led to the emergence of new platforms, and the adaptation of current ones.  It has allowed us where we can, to continue with something of a routine, and to create an anchor in our changing lives.  Where we cannot continue as before, it has provided support mechanisms, both practical and emotional.  It has sent positivity viral, and made kindness more universal that we have ever observed. 

We have felt inspired to join in, but have been resistant because we are naturally observers and listeners.  We love to read and hear what others contribute but we are also hesitant to contribute ourselves.  Perhaps it is fear that there should be a perception that we think there is suddenly a place for our opinion. 

But we have decided that this is the time for all voices, big and small.  We have realised that the common thread in what we have seen emerge in our lives during COVID-19 restrictions is connection.  Connection through opinion, through storytelling, and through helping each other.   

We are in an unprecedented time, and a time when we realise more than ever that we are all connected, and that we can all help each other.  In life and in business.   

We have decided that we are going to start sharing ideas, and things that we see and find inspirational, as our contribution to the story.  We love ideas, and we believe in a future where sharing ideas and sharing inspiration is normal.  Some might be ours, but many will also be what we have read and observed in the world. 

If we can create a new habit of sharing ideas, then we can contribute to a shared new habit of connection, and of digital being used creatively and for positive purposes.  We can create small connections between ourselves and our network, and perhaps get to know and understand each other better. 

By Ian McClellan, Director.

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